Fruit and Bowl

Pottery, Poetry + Paintings + Some Photos

Painting #11 and Bedroom

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“You stand in the doorway
Before the enormous bed
So why are you still waiting?”
“Don’t you wish we could return to the orchard?

We could be like flies, with no mirror to hold us,
We won’t even see ourselves.”
“There is something to be said for departure.
But what if we only left this room

To find another like it? I wouldn’t complain:
One bed, so square and plain, and the book
that you were reading there upon the table,
laid open to that page, as if to remember

how it was to carry the children, that picture
of the round green pot. One sunny spot upon the wall
to forget what you have always wished to forget,
and outside the reddening leaves and of course the dirt.”

  – Pia Marrella Cisternino



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